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Incarnation Catholic School offers a comprehensive three-year middle school academic program, which provides the organizational, academic and spiritual support needed to lay a strong foundation for 8th graders going into high school. During the early adolescent years, our qualified and committed teachers guide our students through social, academic, and spiritual challenges which help our students learn, grow and become responsible and compassionate citizens, committed to faith, leadership, the church and the world. Middle school teachers work together as a team to coordinate schedules, structure, discipline, leadership, field trips, service, and academic curriculum.


Middle school teachers coordinate activities to support classroom instruction. Reading, writing and oral presentations are emphasized by all teachers. Core subjects include English, Language Arts, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. SPECIAL classes of Library, Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer, Spanish, and Enrichment are also offered to “round out” our students’ experiences of learning and growing. Middle school students use laptops and iPads to support their daily education and need for research and inquiry and also enjoy one-to-one technology with Google Chromebooks.


We at Incarnation seek to build a partnership with our students’ parents in order to ensure that all students learn, achieve personal success and go on be successful in high school.  Middle school students’ education is supported with two planned field trips and one service trip a year. These trips stamp an impression in the students’ minds and help bring to life what is discussed in the classroom. Service, monthly collections, prayer and the Catholic faith help to form our students and give example to families of stewardship in the church and world.


*Eighth grade students are offered the opportunity to visit our Nation’s capital in Washington D.C.

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